Rail and Ground Transport

DMD provides print and digital content to rail and other ground transport operators, such as bus and coach services, both domestic and international.

“We are proud of our record of challenging the status quo and DMD has been instrumental in helping to launch and develop our industry-first BEAM service. They know how to strike a perfect balance between the content our customers know and love and the awesome entertainment they might have missed."

Martin Smith, Head of Customer Propositions, Virgin Trains

(BEAM is the Virgin Trains onboard entertainment service)

Print Services

DMD fulfils business class lounge services delivering daily newspapers and magazines. We also provide publications onboard for premium cabin service or retail sales.

International rail media delivers high passenger consumption and currently accounts for over 10 million DMD distributed copies per year.

Digital Publications

As the world's leading provider of print and digital publications to the travel industry, we work with publishers across the globe to offer an unrivalled choice of digital magazines and newspapers to our rail customers.

DMD Digital Publications delivers content direct to premium passengers' devices via bespoke online and offline portals, with a digital delivery option direct-to-device at home on the day of travel.

We also provide press digital publications content for onboard streaming to personal devices, and a range of seasonal bespoke services too.

Entertainment Onboard

DMD Digital is the world leader in providing onboard entertainment to the rail industry. With over 15 years in content service provision and offices around the world, we're resourced to deliver movies and TV shows from all major distributors, globally and locally - from Hollywood blockbusters to local language short-form content.

Localised streaming is the perfect way to entertain customers onboard. It connects them to content without overloading Wi-Fi connectivity, with media delivered via browser or dedicated app.

We work with budgets big and small, to deliver maximum quality, quantity and choice to our customers, in many languages. If you have plans for an onboard streaming service - with or without a connectivity offer - we know we can help.

Digital Games

DMD Digital has a library of fantastic HTML5 browser games ideal for personal play via any onboard Wi-Fi system, and suitable for any age. And because we work directly with developers we can customise games for your brand or advertisers too.

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