DMD works with hundreds of publishers globally to grow circulations and increase sales opportunities among international travellers worldwide.

The Aviation & Publisher Opportunities

Passenger Onboard Behaviour

Why Reach Premium Travellers?

Most airlines do not activate their inflight entertainment systems on long-haul flights until after take off.

Most short-haul flights provide no complimentary entertainment except reading materials.

Most air travellers have no connectivity options onboard and remain a highly receptive audience for inflight reading materials.

The Publisher Opportunity

Build Circulation - Title distribution can be claimed as part of the overall figure. Airline passengers remain an attractive proposition for boosting circulation.

Product Sampling - Opportunity to target product sampling to an attractive audience: captive - attentive - relaxed.

Develop the Advertising Pitch - High-end premium placement and brand alignment helps advertisers reach a high-worth audience.

Some of our Key Clients

A Connect Group Company