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Spreading the word, around the world - DMD is the only global provider of newspapers, magazine and digital publications to airlines, airports and international travel operators.

We deliver one seamless print-and-digital press fulfilment service across the globe, working with more than 120 airlines and each year delivering over 130 million daily papers and magazines worldwide.

Our market leading Digital Publications service provides premium content online to passenger devices in airside lounges or at home on the day of travel, also for seatback screens or direct to devices via onboard WiFi.

We can leverage our longstanding relationships with newsstand media owners to deliver significant publisher-generated revenue potential, and source the best, most popular digital newspaper and magazine titles locally and internationally.

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On The Ground

Industry research suggests the benefits of quality reading matter could extend beyond mere entertainment, and that passengers provided with it can experience reduced pre-flight stress and be less likely to engage with ground crew without cause. It’s clear too that reading helps fill significant periods of the typical travel experience.


Serving airlines, airports and independent lounge operators around the world, our customer branded Internet portals deliver digital downloads direct-to-device in airside lounges or pre-departure at home or office.

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In The Air

We can source and supply premium consumer-brand media appropriate to the passenger profile of an individual flight, delivered to aircraft with total security assured. We work with our customers to compile print portfolios defined not just by airline, but service type, route sector and cabin class.

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Our content-rich service for fitted IFEC systems enhances the onboard offer with all-seat access to every publication.

This helps with space, weight and fuel cost savings and delivers green agenda benefits too.


Our other cabin service provides premium press content to industry partners for wireless delivery onboard.

This is a bespoke media service for airlines, systems manufacturers, IFE software developers, connectivity providers and content service providers.

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