Dawson Media Direct are delighted to announce the launch of a new initiative in conjunction with Gatwick Airport.

Media Wall is an attractive, innovative way for quality publishers to engage with high-value air travellers, in-transit in the airside public areas of some of Europe's busiest international airports.

DMD Media Walls display complimentary copies across a range of selected newspaper and magazine titles, updated daily for a potential readership of many hundreds of thousands of passengers every week. Our large, eye-catching displays are strategically positioned beyond all points of retail purchase, fully merchandised throughout the day and supported by the very latest stock control technology.

Media Wall offers unrivalled opportunities to publishers to reach a premium market segment at a point where typically they are receptive to media sampling and extended engagement with their reading matter.

10 media walls available to display 3,000 magazine copies per day

Potential readership of 100,000 passengers per day

ABC verified distribution (where required)

Fully merchandised throughout the day, supported with the latest technology

Media walls positioned past the point of retail purchase

Top quality offer - flexible and dynamic ranging

Gatwick Airport - an opportunity for growth

Gatwick Airport Insights

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Passenger Activity Inflight

Why Reach Premium Travellers?

Most airlines do not activate their inflight entertainment systems on long-haul flights until after take off.

Most short-haul flights provide no complimentary entertainment except reading materials.

Most air travellers have no connectivity options onboard and remain a highly receptive audience for inflight reading materials.

The Publisher Opportunity

Build Circulation - Title distribution can be claimed as part of the overall figure. Airline passengers remain an attractive proposition for boosting circulation.

Product Sampling - Opportunity to target product sampling to an attractive audience: captive - attentive - relaxed.

Develop the Advertising Pitch - High-end premium placement and brand alignment helps advertisers reach a high-worth audience.

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